the mutiny of battleship grace


captain shot warnings, flanks couldn't know its state

so chambers gave and grace took the water's weight


floating on somehow, allies thought grace steered well

signals misread, a captain's only means fell


minds aboard (some good some bad) and the captain knew

split by a problem: each half had their what-to-do


to them, too far to signal struggle anymore

the grace's mutiny, in two, became a war


those with the worst of thoughts screamed, "go! abandon ship!"

shout the captain, "we all sail to shore get a grip!"


for he knew no one lived this water to swim

his ship grace rode the sea of oblivion


a line was drawn on the deck, fires raged

the final battle for grace was now staged


captain with faithful standing behind

the good were faced against mortal minds


though, in the line of the captain's esteemed crew

hidden deep, darkness with malice no one knew


backdrop of eve, flames still working, sails a blaze

a captain was swept by a thick blacked malaise


the matter's hand plucked his hold on life

breath ended after the captain's strife      


sides clashed on surrounded by embers in night

good fought without the captain and lost the fight


the battleship grace melted into the sea of oblivion

taking all but one seafarer to death off some meridian


sent to shore by wind and tide on a rosewood bundle – charred

and awoke unaware on the sands and in sun unmarred


in the end of this sadness and loss goodness had won

because the lone sailor who lives is the great captain's son

the end

for a friend