sign i thought i saw


fooddick (foodkick, pamphlet from grocery store), 1.18.17

tacos that interest us (topics that interest us, article link), 10.19.16

tacos of interest (topics of interest, comment), 10.19.16

experience only (entrance only, door sign), 10.5.16

monthly pickle (monthly pick, book store sign), 9.2.16

politicians can be up to five times worse inside your home (pollutants can be up to five times worse inside your home, article link), 6.13.16

let us take you away from the asshole (let us take you away from the aisle, grocery store banner) 5.14.16

the history of the cock pocket (the history of the crock pot, book tittle), 2.17.16

new film, starring alpaca! (new film, starring al pacino, film poster), 10.14.15

shit in the woods (spirit in the woods, film poster), 4.30.15

stink ring (sky rink, commercial banner), 4.6.15

lives and works intentionally (lives and works internationally, advertisement), 3.29.15

fresh baby (fresh baked by, bakery sign), 8.19.14

scheduled cheese (shredded cheese, food packaging), 9.10.12

laser hair show (laser hair sale, commercial banner), 9.4.12

human dumplings (hunan dumplings, food packaging), 9.4.12

in case of an emergency, accept your death (in case of emergency, access this door, wall sign) 8.20.12