mid-20th century cinema texts

texts and banter inspired by dramatic mid-20th century cinema with found images

ever a queen

"don'tcha look at me like that, boy. ya know this place ain't good enough for the likes uh me–not a penny cent! it was a challenge in the beginning, sure, i won't deny it, never did, but hey veni vidi vici. i gotta go on, see? ain't nobody gonna take my crown away. ever a queen, remember that. chin up... so ya can see me off." (she smiles and turns away)


ya son uhva dog

"no! that's it ya see, i ain't got it in me no more. ya sucked hope outta me like a greedy good fuh nothin' leech, ya son uvha dog. damn you! and now all yu've evuh done to me and the children is staring back at'cha through the barrel of a gun; here's tuh hope'n." (she pulls the trigger)


i ain't got no need

"mama, i ain't got no need for any of it; it's all a bunch uh hullabaloo: the dresses, the shoes, the fancy floral perfumes, lay mockee-azh (les maquillages)! and then what mama? a dinner? a dance? a petty prayer? a life-long promise? girls night out every othuh tuesday? dinner on the table by five with a smile? oh no, not me mama. heck, i'm outta here before the spinster card gets dropped on my, what'd you call it, sublime naïveté?"


save the date mr. callowack

"well on the 23rd i'll be long gone, i can tell ya that. where you ask? well just like last time i'll be at the spot where you left me hanging dry like a fool, but to you it might as well be Katmandu 'cause there's gonna be a man holding me the way i should be held. i'll pen you in for the day after so you can hear all about it though… mr. callowack 12 o'clock. until then."



"tuh think i did it all; all he evuh wanted. i'm on top and yet i still wasn't enough. hell, i ain't nevuh been enough and no ones evuh veen enough for me. maybe that's it: if we don't strive we dive. i'm sure i was just too much for 'em, in the end. i bet he did dive. from my height, and he broke his good-for-nothin' neck hit'n rock bottom just where i left 'em."


just us girls

"the three of us, times like this forever and a day! here, we'll take a shell to hold on tuh this very moment. yea, just us girls. we ain't gotta do nothin' but take on the world and tuhgether that's apple pie."



"good luck out there on the streets uh the city. don't let the world tell ya where duh go... and if it ever does, just keep strut'n ya stuff like ya always have. and don't lose that charm, detective. i'm off to paris, tchao."


ya see this?

"ya see this? this is you and me girl. we're gonna do it all; all the things we love. even if we ain't got nothin' but a penny-cent we're gonna make it happen."


charitable bird

"when i think uh ya i say, 'we coulda had it all,' but then again you ain't no charitable bird and you'd only keep it all to yaself and fly far far away."


shut the door

"and shut the door on your way out will ya! don't even ponder the notion of march'n through it again 'cause here, love won't be wait'n for ya anymore..." 



"didn't think i'd evuh see ya in this part a town. i'd ask ya to get in for a ride, but it'd be anthing but sincere. remember that word? you should. that was the one thing you said our love never was... sincere. let me know how i look from behind as i drove off. and this all sincerity, goodbye."